Machinomiyaichi Market & Fair

“San-Pachi Days” (Sundays that fall on days containing a “3” or “8”)

An old-time, lively market in front of Masumida Shrine has been revived by local people as Machinomiyaichi Market & Fair, in which various kinds of stores—including those for arts, music or gourmet food—are lined up and visitors enjoy interaction.


Location 1-2-1 Masumida, Ichinomiya City(Masumida Shrine)
Place Masumida Shrine grounds, Shrine’s Gate Front Square, Hommachi Shopping Street


  • Train
    Public Transportation
    ・ Get off at JR Owari-Ichinomiya Station or Meitetsu Ichinomiya Station (Meitetsu Nagoya Main Line). Leave the station by the east exit, and go further east, you will come to Masumida Shrine, Hommachi Shopping Street, and Ginza-dori Shopping Street.(A 5-min. walk to Hommachi Shopping Street, and a 10-min walk to Masumida Shrine)