Asano Park

The Asano Family was part of the Genji clan, and generations of the Asano Family lived in the location for which this park was named. Approximately 400 years ago, samurai Nagamasa Asano was raised by his uncle Nagakatsu Asano and grew up in the area around this park. Nagakatsu, who served under Oda Nobunaga as a commander of archery foot soldiers, had two daughters. The older daughter, Nene, became the wife of Toyotomi Hideyoshi under the name Kita no Mandokoro, while his younger daughter, Yaya, became the wife of Nagamasa. The site of Nagamasa Asano's estate with its deep historical ties was restored and preserved as Asano Park in 1917 (Taisho 6). In addition, within Asano Park is the rare, gigantic tree “hitotsubatago” (Chinese fringe tree), commonly referred to as "nanjamonja."
The Tsutsuji (Azaleas) Festival is held from late April to early May.

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Location 491-0871 Hakken, Asano, Ichinomiya City
Parking Parking not available
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Best Time to View the Tsutsuji (Azalea) Mid-April – early May


  • Car
    ・Approx. 30 min. drive from Nagoya via the Nagoya Expressway No. 16 Ichinomiya Route
  • Train
    Public Transportation
    ・Take a Meitetsu bus from JR Owari-Ichinomiya Station or Meitetsu Ichinomiya Station (Meitetsu Nagoya Main Line), get off at the "Asano Koen Mae" bus stop, and walk for 1 min.