Historic Site of Hagiwara Juku Honjin on Minoji Highway

"Hagiwara Juku" is a post station developed on the Minoji Highway about 420 years ago. "Honjin" means accommodations where people of high position, such as a shogun (Japan’s top military commander) and a domain lord, stayed when traveling. On the north side of the Hagiwara Shipping Street with a nostalgic landscape, there is a stone monument showing that there was a “honjin” in old days.


Location 491-0353 Kamimachi, Hagiwara, Hagiwara-cho, Ichinomiya City


  • Train
    Public Transportation
    ・12-min. walk from Hagiwara Station on the Meitetsu Bisai Line
    ・8-min. walk from the “Hagiwara-eki Nishi” stop on the Bisai Minami Route of the community bus “i-Bus”