Iwato Festival

Held on the first Sunday after April 19

Iwato Festival features three gorgeously decorated floats called Dashi with an eight- to nine-meter three-tiered structure. On the bottom tier, children play musical instruments, such as flutes and Japanese drums, and on the middle tier, people manipulate Karakuri puppet dolls. On the top tier, Karakuri puppet dolls perform beautiful dances in accordance with tales. By the time the performance of Karakuri puppet dolls starts on the three floats at the same time, the approach to the shrine becomes very crowded with spectators.


Location 491-0051 2 Iwato,Umayose Imaise-cho, Ichinomiya City
Place Iwato Shrine (Umayose, Imaise-cho)
Parking Parking not available


  • Car
    ・Approx. 8-min. drive from Ichinomiya-Kisogawa I.C. of the Tokai-Hokuriku Expressway
  • Train
    Public Transportation
    ・Approx. 15-min. walk from Iwato Station (Meitetsu Nagoya Main Line)