Kinginka Shuzo K.K.

Kinginka Shuzo is the only small sake brewery in Ichinomiya City, in which Japanese sake is produced through the traditional process. It offers various brands of sake, including flagship product “Kinginka” and “Seishu Daiginjo Twin Arch 138,” which is popular overseas. Visitors can have an experience with sake making. (Beginners can also enjoy it.) Workshops for making soaps and aroma creams using sake are also held here.


Location 491-0051 19 Yamanoshoji, Umayose, Imaise-cho, Ichinomiya City
Business hours 9:00 – 19:00

Closed irregularly
Fee Admission: free of charge

[Sake making experience]
3,500 yen
* Reservation required at least three weeks in advance
* Three participants or more needed
Parking Parking available (Parking fee not required for 2 cars)


  • Car
    ・Approx. 20-min. drive from Ichinomiya I.C. of the Meishin Expressway
  • Train
    Public Transportation
    ・ Approx. 10-min. walk from Iwato Station (Meitetsu Nagoya Main Line)
    ・Approx. 15-min. walk from JR Owari-Ichinomiya Station or Meitetsu Ichinomiya Station (Meitetsu Nagoya Main Line)
    ・Approx. 10-min. walk from Shin Kisogawa Station (Meitetsu Nagoya Main Line)